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Gentle Chair Based Activities

  • Are you sitting comfortably?

Gentle Chair Based Activities (5 weeks)

  • Ideal for those with walking or standing difficulties or if you just want to keep active at home!
  • Why not give it a go? You might be surprised at just how good it makes you feel!
  •  Every Thursday starting 28th May at 11am
  • FREE – just log in via
  • Click on ‘View webcam’
  • All you need is a stable chair and a small ball, eg tennis or boccia size.
  • Tutor: Thomasina Birt
  • Benefits include:
    • Improves Flexibility, Balance and Muscle Tone
    • Increases Circulation and Speed Up Injury Recovery
    • Reinforces Positive Attitude and Better Concentration
    • Decreases Stress
  • All ages/abilities are welcome!
  • Nb. All participants must work according to their own level of ability and speed, do not do anything that causes pain or discomfort or that your doctor has advised against.
  • This project is supported by the PHA and managed by CWSAN.
  • For more information, please contact Anita M: 075 4063 5862 E:

COVID-19 Latest Newsletters

COSTA and CWSAN Rural Support Networks aim to keep our local communities up-to-date with very comprehensive advice, information, support and grants – see Links below:

Thank you to all Health & Social Care, Essential Workers and Volunteers out there working so hard to help our local communities.

Contact us at any time if you have any queries or require any assistance as we aim to try to keep many of our usual services running for local groups -ring: 028 8773 8845 or email: or send us a message via our facebook page @cwsan.midulster .

We encourage everyone to carefully follow all official advice – stay safe and well everyone 🙂

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