Making Life Better – Short Term Funding – NOW CLOSED

The Public Health Agency (PHA) have identified funding to address Health and Wellbeing in Northern Ireland. The short term funding will support a range of strategic themes and priorities including:

The PHA are inviting community and voluntary sector organisations, through the Community Networks in the Northern Area, to apply for non-recurring short-term funding to address the outlined themes.

The PHA has commissioned the four Community Networks to facilitate this process in the Northern Locality. This short-term funding will be allocated via Causeway Rural & Urban Network, Cookstown & Western Shores Area Network, Northern Area Community Network and Impact Network NI.

Two types of awards are available under this scheme.

  1. Award one funding of up to £1,000 that non-constituted and constituted non-profit taking Community / Voluntary Sector groups can apply for.
  2. Award two funding of between £1,001 and to a maximum of £5,000 for constituted, non-profit taking Community / Voluntary sector groups.
  • ‘Making Life Better’ (Public health framework) priorities
  • Protect Life 2 Suicide Prevention Strategy
  • Mental Health, Emotional Well-being, Suicide Prevention and Self-Harm



If you are interested in applying for the short-term funding go to  for the following documents:

    • Guidance notes
  • Application form
  • Guidelines for completing application form

For further details please / 07540 969623

The Northern Area Health Alliance:  To access the short term funding application this will be available on the funding section of the health alliance website.  To become a member of the Health Alliance website follow the link below:  Membership Registration | NICHI Health Alliance | Northern Ireland (