Networks Involving Communities in Health Improvement (NICHI) Project

The NICHI project aims to strengthen links between Public Health Agency (PHA) and local communities in order to support local communities, through a community development approach, to address health and social wellbeing issues and reduce health inequalities through signposting, building capacity and strengthening local accountability to develop healthy, sustainable communities.

The NICHI project operates across the Northern Trust Locality area and is managed by the Community Support Networks. It is funded by the Public Health Agency and works in partnership with community, voluntary and statutory organisations.

The NICHI project focuses on the wider factors which impact on the health and well being of individuals and the community, through supporting groups locally to identify and tackle health and well being concerns such as physical activity, nutrition, community safety and the environment. Previously, the NICHI small grants was an opportunity for groups to build on their experience and skills to address some of these issues. Some of the 28 projects funded included confidence building for young people, drugs and alcohol information events, and using music and dance to encourage older people to become more active.

As well as promoting health and well being training in the community, the NICHI project officer has continued to deliver health and wellbeing information and support. This has included body image workshops to both youth groups and women’s groups and Age Health and Happiness workshops to older people’s groups.

The project has continued to support communities to become involved in discussions and decision making around health improvement. The local community across Cookstown, Magherafelt and Coleraine had the opportunity to meet with Dr Michael McBride to discuss the “Fit and Well – Changing Lives” health and well being framework.

The Health Alliance was developed by the NICHI project to provide an opportunity for communities, voluntary and statutory sectors to network, share information and best practice, engage in evidence based health improvement, access training and capacity building opportunities and contribute to sharing the health improvement agenda.

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NICHI Project Officer               Anita Hurley
(Cookstown, Magherafelt and Coleraine areas)

T: 075 4063 5862    E: